Revell new mould PT 109 1/72

Gentlemen this is going to be my next Build. Should be fun…Cheers mark


Nice project,just caught the movie last week.

Will follow with interest.

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Thanks for the comments Gents. The Hull is now together and a big surprise. For a 2018 Moulding the fit was poor. A lot of filling and sanding to get to this stage. More to come soon…Cheers Mark


Yes, I can see all the filling you have done …great job!
I cannot figure out why they engineered the
hull that way, the plate at the stern and the notch at the bow…go figure.

Off to a good star Mark. Looking forward to seeing how it all builds.
Have to admit that I wasn’t aware Revell’s recent PT-Boats were new tools, so haven’t given them much of a look. I thought they were reboxes of the old PT-109. I tried that one myself in my youth in the late 90’s and found it really clunky. Still have the crew figures somewhere.

Notch at the bow:
GUESSING: They could have been trying to avoid a section of thinplastic that could have suffered from deformation. It can happen with parts where the thickness varies a lot. Same thickness all over the hull except for the sharply angled curwed bit in the bow where the finished part would have to be rather sharply pointed and thin.

Separate piece aft:
Guessing again: Trying to solve geometry issues with detailing (location holes) versus mold release angles? Two hull halves could make it difficult to to have detailing (mounting holes) on the transom.
Transom needs to be a separate part. Try to ensure the correct fit between transom and the bottom of the hull and while using that part to line up the rear hull

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Thanks for the thoughts Gents so am still unsure why they did it this way…Cheers Mark

OK starting soon the Sub-Assemblies. Me thinks me needs some more filler…Cheers Mark


As usual, Revell makes some interesting subjects, but takes ridiculous short-cuts. Revell has been around for just about forever but still produce like it was the sixties. I would expect better from them by now.
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BTW; Are you going to use any PE? If so, which one?

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Like everyone else, following along.