Revell (re-boxed Special Hobby) 1/32 P-39D "Air-A-Cutie, finished

The finished pics of my 1/32 Revell re-boxing of the Special Hobby P-39D.

This kit was very frustrating to build and it has been on the go for several years with most of that time spent sitting and waiting for me to re-acquire some form of enthusiasm for it! The only thing that did inspire me to carry on was the fact that I wanted to paint on these markings. I had created the masks originally in 1/48 but always thought that they would look good in 1/32, do they? If you are interested in what problems needed to be overcome then please ask, Iā€™m also interested in what you about this overall, good or bad? The aftermarket items that I used were:

Master barrels for the wing machine guns (these are turned brass barrels and are stunning in their detail!).

Eduard etched seat belts.

Scratch built items were:

The nose machine guns using Albion Alloys sliding Aluminum tube.

The 20mm cannon in the spinner using Albion Alloys Nisi hard alloy sliding tube.

The Pito tube, using Albion Alloys Nisi tube, with the kit end piece grafted on.

I created the antenna wire with slide fit Alu tube and EZ line elastic thread.

I made the spinner a slide fit and able to spin with brass tube.

All paint used was MR.Paint.

Gloss varnish was by Alclad II

Matt varnish was by Vallejo

Washes were made using artist oil paint and white Spirit

Further weathering was done using AK Weathering pencils.

Painting the markings.