Revell/renwal 1/32 Mace missile and Teracruzer

This is the 1983 History Makers re-release of the TM-76a Mace missile, the MM-1 Teracruzer, and Translauncher. Bought the kit in the mid 80s after stumbling across articles about the Mace system in old issues of the IPMS quarterly. Missile end section converted to resemble a production unit rather than a test missile. Scribed panel lines and receptacles added, along with wing interior details, wing recess details. Interior details added to MM-1, front grill revised, headlight lenses and guards and air cleaner added. Added steering linkage, hoses, cables, and other underside details.
Translauncher received conduits, junction boxes, rear fenders, bogie details, hydraulic hoses,placards from Archer, and other details. Figures are modified from Airfix Multipose sets.
My late father trained and served on the Mace at Lowry AFB, CO, orlando afb, and Sembach AB (where i was born).



David that’s just about the wildest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

Your build looks fantastic, especially given the age of the kit. The story makes it though. Well done!

Thank you. I actually finished most of the missile back in the 80s and started on the cab. The box survived at least 5 moves and at one point the wife throw away the box,but put all the contents in a large zip lock bag. Luckily no lost parts! Ended up striping and redoing most of the missile. Was going into the stash to look for another project to start and found the bag. Dad provided lots of memories and technical discussions before he passed away this summer.


Classic! Nice job on it, too!

Never seen anything like this before- but it sure is a beauty! Really fantastic job on the paintwork- some fantastic details to see and your presentation of it is top class.

Well done David ! :+1:

Period color footage :


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That is a fantastic build!
Definitely don’t see one of these every day.
The Teracruzer is a completely new vehicle to me, will have to look it up.
The wheels look like something from a proposed lunar rover. Was it designed to traverse rough terrain?

I guess so, but sometimes things don’t work as planned…

More info :




Pretty sure I had a toy monster truck with tyres like that when I was a kid.

Thanks for the Memories! I happen to have a Revell History Maker Teracruzer sitting in my stash! Frenchy, Thanks for the link with then great info on the Mace and Teracruzer! I just learned some new info about i! Really like the Wrecker version!

Thanks for the comments everyone. I relied heavily on the website that Frenchie shared and also on the TAC Missileers website. One of the two sites had a tech manual for field operations of the system that was fantastic.

Love it when a old kit gets some TLC and turns into a show stopper. Very well done and I really like the presentation. :+1: :+1:

Scary thing is that the photo that Frenchy shared is the warhead and booster rocket transport version of the MM-1 teracruzer. I dont think that they used any type of transport case for the warhead section, so that is it in the lower left side!
On a positive note, a modeler couldnt ask for a better underside detail photo!
Thanks again for the comments. I have patches for both the 4504th missile training wing and the 38th tactical missile wing on the base.