Revell U99 (Type B) 1:125 to U96 (Type C) conversion

This is the Revell U99 converted to U96 in 1:125 scale that I did many years ago when I first joined MSW.
Testing uploading multiple photos into the post

Grauwolf_U96_01 Grauwolf_U96_07 Grauwolf_U96_19 Grauwolf_U96_22 Grauwolf_U96_29Grauwolf_U96_08 Grauwolf_U96_09 Grauwolf_U96_18Grauwolf_U96_16


WOW! I must say that uploading photos with this new site is a breeze.

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Beautifully done, Joe. Thanks for sharing these pics!

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Thats a very nice U-boat!

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Very nice job! I always felt that the old U-99/47 kit was vas under appreciated. The basics are there, you just need to add detail. And you added lots of detail!

Here are a couple photos of the U-99 with interior I did many years ago. Unfortunately, long before digital cameras.


Hi Ken, Thanks for liking! and I see you did a great job yourself on that sub!
If it is the same sub, I believe it was posted on some site many years ago but
no mention of the builder…again GREAT interior!

Hi Ken,

What a beautiful cutaway! I built this kit as a kid (marketed then as the Gunther Prien U-47 “Show-Off Model”), but your rendition is how mine should have looked (but definitely didn’t). Wonderful job!

Both your build and Joe’s U-96 show just how underrated Revell’s classic Type VII kit really was. Thank you both!