Revell USS SKIPJACK 1:230 Scale

Ahoy shipmates,
This is the old Revell Skipjack in 1:230 scale.
The sub was waterlined and much of the hull was reworked with essential detail.
Some flooding and air vents were added. Emergency buoys were scribed in.
The tower was cut open as to allow figures to be added.
The periscopes and antenna array was scratchbuilt as the originals were really
Degaussing cable added to upper hull.
Eliminated the oversized fictitious reactor hatch aft of the conning tower.
Created a water base for the sub and added the 3 scratchbuilt dolphins to add
some interest.
Hope you like.


Joe, your Skipjack is nice! I’m not familiar with the Revell kit… the scale suggests that it may be a repop of the old Aurora offering? Anyway, your take on the kit is effective. I especially like the dolphins!

Thanks Tim for looking in and the kind comment.
My copy was the Revell rebox of the old Aurora kit.

Yes, the dolphins are a definite hit. No wonder they issue you a pair when you become a submariner.

When I first mounted the sub and finished the water, I felt it was pretty plain so
I went back and added the dolphins and a second crew member in the tower
looking down at them…changed everything.
Thanks for looking in.