Revells A-10 1/48th OTB

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Well I’ve almost completed my very first 1/48th jet ever! Has been a nice simple and relaxing build to step away from armor and recharge the modeling mojo. Now I’d like to find a nice A-10/and really put my energy into the details. I decided this one was going to be strictly OTB minus the sidewinder which came off an aborted F18 Superhornet.

Biggest challenge which I conquered to my satisfaction was the seam lines and overall fit that Revell can be notorious about. At no point did this seemed destined to crash on approach and find the the tires of a 2020 Ranger out of disgust.

There are areas that could have been worked more but I didn’t feel that this kit really warranted that much effort. I would like to know what are the go to A-10 kits in 1/48 because as I mentioned I have this itch to throw aftermarket resin and PE along w some scratch building to make a standout build (well for me anyways).

If you seen any obvious things that I can step up on for my next plane build let me know (yes I know some of the underwing stores aren’t square/ parallel but they settled funny on me and honestly should have been replaced but that wasn’t this exercise) lesson 2 learned along w my vert stabilizers are ‘trued’ up evenly.

Anyways thanks for looking and any comments, going to play around with some light washes and oil mapping before adding the final details.

Btw, this hasn’t received a final clear coat yet so excuse the not quite finished up finish on the decals. I’ll be doing that after adding a little tonal variation. Panel highlights were mostly done w AK pencils and some Tamiya panel lining and very select dry brushing so far.


Chris, that came out nice. As you mentioned of no final cost explains the shine. Yes, a flat cost is a must for these bad boys.

From what I have heard this old monogram/Revell 1/48 A-10A is very accurate in its shape and size compare to others out here. However, I have not seen the new academy 1/48 kits which is getting a lot of attention as a good kit to build and it’s a A-10C not A.

I have a 1/32 A-10A Trumpeter kit that I want to build in an honor of a friend who flew her. He was 11th pilot to get check out on the 1st A-10 Sq. and was the only Hog driver to fly the SR-71.

Do post the final photos when finished. :wink:

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Chris, you’ve done a great job with that kit and I’m jealous as I’m itching to have a crack at an A-10 myself.

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Great job. That looks great.

Academy has a new tool 1/48 version out that’s been crazy popular.


The A-10 is one of my all-time favourites. Very well done!

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