REVIEW: 1/35 ICM "Phu Bai Combat Base 1968"

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Darren Baker takes a look at the diorama in a box from ICM featuring the huge CH-54A heavy helicopter and released as Phu Bai Combat Base 1968. It looks to be a very nice and useful set; comprised of previous releases from ICM.

Phu Bai Combat Base 1968 | AeroScale

Thought that was “FU - BAR” base! :joy:
:smiley: :canada:


They put down this or something that looks just like it around RAF Fairford for the IAT.

I’m surprised Gary hasn’t commented on this as he has a wealth of knowledge about the Vietnam War…i did send him a PM but haven’t heard from him…does anyone have any information about him?

I hope Gary is OK. I haven’t seen him on here for a while.

In regards to this kit, I have the two figure kits and they are pretty decent. I am not a helicopter modeler, so I really can’t comment much on that other than it is a nice, but really big model. I do like the matting and will probably purchase the stand alone kit for that as I can find many uses for it in my dioramas.