REVIEW: Black Ops Models SEAL FAV Conversion

Gino P. Quintiliani takes a look at the SEAL FAV Conversion for a proper FAV from Black Ops Models in 1/35th scale for converting the Hobby Boss kit.

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Thanks for the review Gino! I’ll definitely be adding it to my “to get” list

It really does look the part. Thanks for the heads up.

$120 AUD = $87.09 USD without the HobbyBoss Delta Force FAV.

How easy would it be to cut the rollcage off the clear resin plate? What would you use—a hobby knife, scissors, blade, or razor saw?

I did see some minor inaccuracies. The cargo has a CAR-15 with 20-round magazine, which is Vietnam. Thus, I recommend making your own cargo using more modern DML and Trumpeter plastic guns and other plastic accessories.

The resin guns could be replaced with DML and other aftermarket weapons.

Glad you guys think this will be useful as well. I have been waiting for a proper SEAL FAV since Dragon first announced they were going to do one in the early '90s.

I plan to carefully use a razor saw. The attachment points are really thin, so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

I saw that too, but it is still correct for ODS. M4s were not fielded yet (fielded in 1994 for mostly SF use) and there were a lot of CAR 15/XM177s being used by Spec Ops at that time. You can use that gun and basket for an ODS SEAL FAV.

Very nice review, thank you Gino. I like the choice of baskets.

Will there be a build log for this one as well?


I will be building it, relatively soon. I have a couple projects ahead of it. I will definitely post a build log on here when I do though.

Glad mine’s in the mail.

Thanks Gino, I have been waiting on this for years as well. May have to buy 2.

I wonder if a scriber would work to cut out the rollcage because one wants to cut as close to the bars as possible and the width of a razor saw might not allow that. And once cut, I would be very interested on if the side that rested on the resin plate might be flatter than the other sides, meaning one has to sand round that side of the rollcage.

Gino, glad to hear that you’re putting together a build log. You already have the kit in your hands, correct?

Yes, I have the kit already. The pics of the parts and instructions booklet were all taken by me. As to the roll cage, it is not molded flat on the large resin plate. It is about 1/2 inch off the plate with thin film between it and the plate.

No pressure, but anyone has any follow-up on this after Christmas? I’ve noticed that the BlackOps Models website hasn’t changed and the product still isn’t listed for sale.

OK, the product is listed on their website. One still needs the Hobby Boss FAV kit as a donor.

Photos from Black Ops Models’ website.

I still haven’t gotten around to building the one I have. Maybe soon.

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