REVIEW: Hobby Boss 1/18 UH-1B/C Huey

Darren Baker takes a look at the UH-1 B/C Huey helicopter in 1/18th scale from Hobby Boss.

Even though the box says UH-1B/C, the kit is a UH-1C model. The B and C models were very different and can not really be built from one kit. Additionally, this is a re-box of a 21st Century Toys toy. It really isn’t much of a model with screws all over it and very poor details, especially in 1/18 scale.

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The plastic IP and decals seem to be miles apart from each other.

I stick with my comment that we will not like it but the kids will love it

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I fully agree.

How old are those molds?

@HeavyArty @CMOT thanks for the review, i was gonna get one but you guys have saved me a lot of cash by not buying it.