Review of Sukerumodera Octopus Scale Model Jig | Armorama™

A detailed look on the Octopus, a new Scale Model Jig for any type of models from Sukērumoderā

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I immediately got myself one after I saw it in use on the ‘Uncle Nightshift’ YouTube channel.
Totally agree 100% with your assessment of the product, it is Awesome :grin:!
On top of that, the service from the seller is top notch too :star_struck:.
He responds quickly to any queries that you may have, usually within a day.
Worth every cent of the cost of the product :money_mouth_face:.

It is good to see a product like this aimed at the vehicle modeller.

Thanks for the review, i finally got mine this morning, very expensive when you include the DHL shipping @ 1/2 the cost of the unit, but its well worth it in the end. I was struggling to work out what the he second head with the small rectangular base was :slight_smile:

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I got a hold of one of those myself last week. At first glance it looks very professionally built with high quality materials and has quite a few options for holding the model. I like it very much and hope I’ll never again drop a model or mess with it during painting.


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