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Dear friends! We have great news. ICM publishes a review video of the Catalogue 2024 on our YouTube channel

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Link to preview is here: ICM 2024 CATALOGUE. Preview - YouTube

I can’t understand Ukranian, but I see a few things that look interesting.

First, it looks like another 1/35 CH-54A w/cargo pod.

Next are the afore announced 1/48 MH-60L and UH-60A.

It also looks like two 1/35 HMMWVs coming.

Lastly, I see what looks like 1/35 UH-60A near the end; in progress for '25.

We shall see what comes out over the next year. Fingers crossed on the 1/35 UH-60.

Link to .pdf of 2024 ICM Catalog:

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Well with captions and auto translate enabled yes it’s a CH-54A with cargo pod, there is also a Vietnam 1968 set with CH-54A, personnel and base. The M8A1 landing mat will also be available separately.

New tool 1/32 Hs-123A-1

New tool 1/48 B-26B Marauder x 3 versions
New target drone
The mentioned 1/48 MH-60L and UH-60A
Junkers Ju-88P-1

Burma Jeep 2 versions

2025 release
1/48 Hs-129B-2
1/35 UH-60A

I am a YouTube noob. I didn’t even know you could do all that. Good news though. Looks like some nice stuff coming.

Better pics and a link to the catalog posted above.

Excellent output, especially giving the circumstances that Ukraine is living nowadays.

But, some points:

1- What happened to the Ki-21 Sallys in 1/48th? The versions with the dorsal turret?
2- CH-54 in 1/48th scale, please.
3- More ground equipment in 1/48th… i.e. an A-7 Portable Hoist

Or their simpler version.

Have Fun.


Found this to be rather interesting. The term “Grace under fire” comes to mind.
Thought I would share.

‘Squadron Interview with Valeriia from ICM Models’

(Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any manufactures, distributors.)

Слава Україні! :ukraine: :hammer_and_wrench:

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