REVIEW: Trumpeter 1/48 Mi-24D Hind

Skyhawk Driver has provided a quick video unboxing of Trumpeter’s 1/48 scale Mi-24D Hind.

As I recall might be getting old but the 1/35 Hind doesn’t have the Hind twist. I wonder does this 1/48 have have the twist or not. To me, that would be difference between Zvezda or Trumpeter kit. While lack of any rivets is not great a fix is easier then the twist, imo.

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The only Hind kits with the “twist” are the Zvezda ones. Both the 1/72 and 1/48. If this is just a scaled down 1/35 kit, it will not have the “twist”.

just to add here to your post. It seems like Revell reboxed the Hind from Zvezda. They also sold the earlier one with a different canopy

This one gets tricky really fast in 1/72. The original Zvezda molds are Italeri and a bunch of other companies including Revell used that mold. The new mold Zvezda kit is used by a few companies Mi-24 V Hind E, Revell 04839 and 64839, Mi-24V/VP Academy 12523 and Platz AE-16, the Eduard 2116 has the plastic/resin for 4 different variations.

In 1/48 only Eduard 11150 and overtree 11150x seem to be Zvezda molds.

Definitely check scalemates before buying a Hind to know which one your getting others you may be disappointed.