REVIEW: Yahu Bussing-Nag Dashboard

Yahu offers now a dashboard for two variants of the Bussing NAG German trucks, the -500

and the -4500

Both are intended for IBG kits, and come with two parts of colored photoetch for the dashboard plus a placard:

As usual, the detail is excellent and I really have to struggle with my camera to get a close-up, focused photo that allows to see how tiny the text is:

Bussing 5

Here you have a comparison with a 1/35 resin head and a ruler

And this is for the 4500 model, also two parts for the dashboard and one placard, but with the specifics for the vehicle.

Close up of the dials and placard (you can actually read the text):

Bussing 9

And comparison with a head and ruler:

Another extraordinary set from Yahu that will enhance Bussing NAG models with a much more detailed dashboard and eye-catching placards.

@varanusk - Carlos,

Thanks for posting this review. Although I do not have this kit in the stash I was unaware of the vendor, thanks for the heads up, it’s good to know what’s out there. Nice review, using a figures head gives us a good perspective on the size of this product.

~ Eddy :tophat:

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Thanks for your comments!

They have sets for several other vehicles, and a much wider range for aircraft: