REVIEW: Zvezda 1/48 KA-52 Alligator

Continuing the discussion from KA-52 Alligator | AeroScale:

Darren Baker takes a look at the newly released KA-52 Alligator in 1/48 scale from Zvezda. It looks like a very nice kit.

KA-52 Alligator | AeroScale


Looks too cool to pass… damn… I got to get one.

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yeah i want one too but everywhere i look online they only have it as a pre-order. i don’t think it is due out until July.

It is already available, mine is on it’s way - and no, it won’t be a russian machine.

Regarding the comment that you’ll need to replicate the seat harnesses if you don’t use the pilots, Step 5 of the instructions shows what looks like cushions with molded in straps to be used if you choose to not use the pilot figures.

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