REVIEW: Zvezda 1/48 Mil Mi-8MT

Darren Baker takes a look at the Zvezda Mi-8MT Hip kit in 1/48.

MIL MI - 8MT Soviet Multi Purpose Helicopter | AeroScale

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Finally, a mainstream model of this iconic helicopter. Would say, IMHO, that the Mil Mi-8, even though a larger helicopter, has been the equivalent Huey for the Russians. Anyway, long overdue a 1/48 scale model.

Now, hopefully, we won’t have to wait this long for the modern version of the same, with the dolphin nose and the flat rear access door/ramp.

Have a good one.


That would be the Mi-8MTV-5.

Take a look at the clear sprue

Oh, nice. It has the dolphin nose. Hopefully it means one is in the works or at least planned.

@CMOT . Yes, the clear sprues seem to five a clue that the version with the dolphin nose is coming. We just need now the flat rear ramp as the pictures of HeavyArty show.

@HeavyArty . Yes, but was thinking more along the lines of the Mi-17V5.


And since we are at it, the Mi-8 MTV-5 version (square windows)…


Have a good one.


I think the one with the square windows is a VIP transport.