Reviews - How are we doing them now?

I see reviews popping up, but not sure how to submit them anymore. Is it just by using the “Create” button on the main site pages? Also, there used to be a spreadsheet showing what was available for review. How is that handled now?

There will eventually be a page for submitting content like we had on the old sites, I just haven’t gotten to that one yet. The spreadsheets are still up and I should be adding some items today or tomorrow. You can reach them via I believe…


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Thanks Jim. Looking forward to seeing the new submissions form.

I have looked everywhere on how and where to submit reviews … Please advise on how and where.

Sign in and submit via the create tab, once done we will get it published for you.

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I am unable to find a create tab

Go to the main Armorama (or Aeroscale, Auto Modeler, etc…) front page. Click on the “Create” tab in the upper right corner. You will have to log in and probably have to create a new account (use the same info as for here) to do so. Input your review narrative and pics there. It will be placed in the appropriate category by the reviewing/approving editor.

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