Reviews on these track?

Saw these searching for better track options. They seem too good to be true, has anyone on here used them and are they any good?

Never used them. Gotta love it when the postage is 10 times the actual cost…

They look like 1/72 scale to me …
Does it say anywhere which scale they are?

Honestly it’s not their fault and that is the cheapest price. I sent a padded envelope for about that price 2 weeks ago. The next cost option for the USPS was $71 :scream::face_vomiting:.

Also to add, the $2.50 is the drill bit you can order to drill out the whole and not the price of the track as that will around $10 dependent on what you select.

It does, particularly in the drop down selection. They’re 1/35 and 1/48

My buddy bought the Pz I set and said they were “ok”.

Should be either in the link or the drop down.

Here is a video putting some together.

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