RFM 5046 Pz IV Ausf H Early Build

Made some progress with the model.

In another thread I asked if the instructions were correct requiring 98 links per side as RFM have made mistakes in the past. One reply said they used 102, it took 106 of the Masterclub track links on mine and that is without much sag.
I will post a picture with them attached before attaching the skirts are put on.


Looks like you Pz IV H is off to an excellent start. Looking forward to following along.


This thread will no longer be updated.
Fed up fighting the mismatched parts like the sprockets that don’t line up.
Instructions that tell you to drill holes for things that are not added later on and also miss out adding things that should be put on the model.
I have saved the Masterclub tracks for another day but the rest has gone to be re-cycled.
Will think twice now before buying a RFM kit before seeing it built.

Could you show photos of the problem areas as a heads up for the rest of the forum?

Sorry. Not possible now the kit is somewhere in Coventry Councils re-cycling system.

Sorry that the model didn’t work out due to the half-azzed RFM instructions.

Thank you for sharing the details about the instruction issues.

Thanks. It would have helped if I knew more about the subject.
I have made less than a dozen tank models since my multi decade hiatus finished.
I am not normally someone to give up easily but the kit was too much in a week where I have had my first Covid-19 jab and have not been so ill since I was very young.

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I understand. I can’t work on a kit if I feel bad or under stress. It becomes a chore and my creative problem solving skills are at an ebb then.

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Thank you for your understanding.

ouch. sorry to see that happen.

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Sorry to hear about your troubles with the kit. I must say, the instructions for the RFM Chally 2 have been a disappointment, and while most details are nice, I found getting the running gear to lay level a challenge and still have a twist in the hull. I’ve also had to brace the upper hull with a spacer to get the turret to turn without snagging. It’s great to have so many subjects to build, but the quality is sometimes sacrificed for alacrity of release. And the instructions should be the easiest thing to get right, and don’t get me started on the painting guides!

As for the Covid jab. The professional opinion seems to be the worse the reaction to the vaccine, the stronger the immune response, so I guess you must be up to your eyeballs in antibodies!

All the best Cats, J.

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