Rfm jltv

Has anyone else received the new RFM JLTV? I recently got one and was slightly unimpressed by it. Don’t get me wrong the detail is great but the kit seems to lack the amount of contents I’m used to from Rye-Field. What are your thoughts?

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I have it and I think it is an excellent kit. The engineering and molding are exceptional. Being that the body is comprised of several large moldings, there isn’t an exceptional parts count, but I don’t think this detracts from the kit at all.

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I may have expected a larger parts count since I’m also comparing it with the Sabre Model JLTV which is jam packed with parts, I do agree the engineering and molding is still on par with the other RFM kits I have. I’m probably being nit-picky.

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I bought the Sabre and RFM kits from EBay and they showed up simultaneously. The Sabre kit is falling together very quickly - a veritable box shaker. The RFM kit is beautiful but it’s going to take a lot longer to build I think.

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The RFM kit looks very well engineered and looks like it will go together quite nicely. Based on previous RFM kits it should be a joy to build. I also bought the “Upgrade Solution Series”, RFM’s own PE set and 3D printed tires for the JLTV. The PE set is pretty straightforward also. I’m expecting a fantastic build.
I know the Trumpeter kit is the ex - Panda molds so that was a NO for me immediately.
I looked at the Sabre kit but was dubious. Never having seen a Sabre kit before, isn’t this their first? Are they a new company from China? How’s the kit? The JLTV has a lot of complicated lines on it.

i ordered the sabre kit a while ago as a preorder,I m very impressed with the kit.Details on it are sharp,zero flash and all the added extras were very hard to pass up.The 3d printed tires look amazing as well.Dont be afraid to buy this kit.

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Sabre is not a new company. They have been producing kits since 2018, albeit very slowly. All their previous kits prior to 2022 have been German WWII rolling stock, but these kits are the best out there compared to those offered by Trumpeter and T-Model, and very well done. They released the Hanomag RL-20 Tractor earlier this year which is great. My comparison below is based on the Deluxe edition, since who wouldn’t buy this one as it is still cheaper then RFM and Trumpeter.

The JLTV is their first modern kit, but I have it and it looks fantastic. Molding is perfect as per their previous kits, and of course all the “aftermarket” extras make it even better. Comparing instructions, thier approach is a bit different then RFM’s but I don’t see an issue with engineering. They’ve solved the complicated lines of the cab by molding all five panels separately as opposed to RFM’s approach to having the windshield, roof and sides as one piece. How this fits has yet to be determined.

Detailwise and accuracywise, the kits look comparable, although RFM may have an edge here. Interiors look the same, although I can’t figure out RFM’s seatbelts that don’t connect? RFM has better details on the interior of the wall panels and roof and includes the display panel for the rear of the driver’s seat - not sure if this is always present. But Sabre’s seats look better to me. I can’t seem to find many good pictures of the JLTV interior so it’s hard to compare, but the pictures I do have show differences.

The “wishbone” suspension arms have different shapes top and bottom in RFM’s kit, they are the same in Sabre’s. Not sure which is correct since I can’t find a picture of this area but I assume RFM’s. Sabre’s rear tray framework is definitely more detailed, but RFM’s spare tire carrier is more accurate and they include the canvas cover and framework. RFM also has the large “box” in the tray (as does Trumpeter), but Sabre does not. Not sure if this is in every JLTV? Of course, given all the 3D and turned metal parts, Sabre’s .50cal and antennas are better them RFM’s.

I value accuracy over price, but it still must be considered, with RFM’s kit + Upgrade Set + Upgrade Tires being double what the Sabre Deluxe kit is which includes everything, and you still won’t have an upgraded .50cal and antennas with the RFM kit, although you will have a PE gun turret, but I don’t know how much better this will be compared to the plastic versions.

As an aside, I bought the RFM MRAP Radio Update set meant for their M-ATV to use with the JLTV since neither kit includes radios, and see if I can adapt it. Other options out there, and of course the racks are not useful here, but it gives me all the radio bits to make something functional I hope.

Just my two cents.

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Thanks for that Jon.

Please someone add a photo of the boxart so the rest of us will know what you are talking about.

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And here’s the Sabre Model JLTV in comparison


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Well damn I should have bought the Sabre kit. Oh well. Live and learn.