RFM Leopard 2A6 for sale

$30 plus shipping
zip 98422
Cash or check

I might be interested - which one? 5065 or 5066?

It is the 5065…

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What’s the shipping to 85614?

Guessing about $13. Dallas area is $15 and change and New Jersy is about $19 and change from Tacoma WA.

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I’ll have to wait until pay day, next Friday, so unless you sell it to someone else, I’ll buy it off you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m good with it if you are. Done deal.


I’m good. we’ve exchanged addresses. We can stick a fork on this one. :slight_smile:

Tracking #
9534 6141 7947 4044 5798 09

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Kit arrived today in A++ condition. Very happy. :blush:

Everything that’s supposed to be there is present with zero issues.

Hope you receive my payment really soon. Well worth it.


Check arrived today!
Thank you for the sale.

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Glad it made it through. :slight_smile: