RFM M4A3 (RM5042) better than Tasca/Asuka?

This is probably an old question, but I’ve been away from tanks for a bit. I was surprised to see some folks say that the RFM British Sherman VC Firefly is actually an improvement on the Tasca/Asuka version, which, frankly blew me away. Having built (only) one Tasca Sherman, I didn’t think it was possible for any manufacturer to improve on the Tasca. Does anyone have an opinion about whether the RFM Firefly is similarly ‘better’ than the Tasca/Asuka version? In terms of detail/accuracy? Again, having built a Tasca Sherman, I REALLY can’t imagine a better fitting/building model, so that only POSSIBLE improvement that I could envision would be in the accuracy of another model. Thoughts/opinions? Thanks for any help.

The big plus for the RFM 5042 is it has full interior. I’ve built the RFM M4A3E8 without interior and the Tasca kits. I think they are both nice kits. The RFM tracks are a lot more work, but are flexible with careful assembly. If you have a Tasca /Asuka kit already, I don’t see the RFM kit as better or worse, unless you want the interior. I’ve built these two as Korean War tanks.


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very nice builds if I may say!

The first Tasca kit I built was the Luchs, and still think it’s one of the best armor kits ever (if not the best).
On the otherhand, I don’t think Asuka has done any new molds in a very long time, and a comparison between a late Asuka and an old Tasca will show up ever so slightly. Still a top tier kit. The Tamiya kit looks and goes together like a Tasca kit in most everyway. There are some details that I think Tasca got better, but not much. I still think Tasca has the best fifty caliber out there, and the canvas cover on the turret just looks slightly better than the others. I’d have to drive down to look at a couple to base an opinion on the headlight guards. Yet both look the part. The RFM kit sure looks nice! How did they compare from the back side?

Thanks Gary. The RFM kit only has the late armored exhaust covers, one reason I decided to go Korean war with it. It would have been nice to have the initial style as an option.

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