RFM Panzer Ausf J question

I’m working on the RFM Panzer. A question about the ‘boxes’ they keep the shells in. Along one side are 3 boxes. I can either make them open or closed. Open of coarse because I want to see/display the shells. So my question is. Where do the lids for these boxes go? Are they simply swung up and open? Or are they stored somewhere? I see pictures with them closed and pictures with them open. But all the open pictures show now lids.

The pictures are of the Miniart version but same issue.

The ammunition locker lids are hinged with piano style hinges between the flat panels and fold flat. I guess the crew stashed them somewhere as out of the way as possible.

Although a different vehicle and gun, the Nashorn had them folded on top of the box:




Maybe it was the same for the Pz. IV?

Thanks varanusk. That sort of makes sense. I will need to cut the RFM tops but that’s no big deal.

A couple of where I’m at !! I’m working my way forward and skipping around the instructions a bit.

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Nice to see, the detail in the kit is far superior to the Trumpeter 1/16th offerings

OK I’ve watch a million hours on YouTube. Er maybe not that much. But a lot. I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no right or wrong answer to my ammunition box lid question. RFM and Miniart show both with and without lids. But those without lids don’t show where the lids are!! Here’s a video that show a lot of information. But no lids. No shells either!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sPrHgWMZ3Q

Some other items are also show different colours for various items. The museum tank isn’t like the RFM kit nor is it like the Miniart kit. So I’m taking a near enough approach.


The museum vehicle is an Auf G and to be honest has been painted white in later years which is totally wrong anyway. Most the equipment is missing too.

kornbeef I’ve come to the conclusion there is no ‘exact’ right way. So if I’m a bit off no one will really know!! :grin:

A few progress shots.
Colour has been an issue as I’ve seen several variations. So here’s my version.

It’s been a great build so far. A couple of ‘ooops’ moments when the instructions weren’t that clear and I choose the wrong guess.
Parts are a tight fit which is good and bad. Every thing is loose fitted so I can take it all out to spray the outside.

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