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RFM is preparing a new Sd.Kfz.234/2 Puma with engine and interior parts

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Pre-emptive comment.
B-b-b-b-b-ut why!
We need X and Y and maybe a good new Z before this kit.
Couldn’t they do this, that or the other first?

Now that we got that out of the way it will be interesting to see if RFM beats Dragons take, from 2006, on this vehicle. Scalemates claim that Dragon is planning an upgraded version.
Will we see “Battle of the Pumas”?
Italeris is even older, first release back in 1980, 44 years ago, the latest re-release was in 2022 …

Dragons older kits had an interior but didn’t have an engine.
This could get interesting.


Looks a great kit and all things being equal i’d take an RFM over a DML any day, although it promises to be a fairly involved and detailed build. Definitely not a weekend palate cleanser, though to be fair neither was the Dragon.

Those sagged wheels look great though.


Can I get an Amen!


Do like the RFM models I’ve made. Like the articulation on the road wheels so that the eight wheel steering can be modelled properly and the engine is a bonus.


but orientation of wheels shown here is wrong.
Otherwise, it looks like better than Dragon !



Damn! RFM will hit this one out of the park!

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Well said!

Much prefer RFM kits over Dragon kits in practically every aspect.

Fairly recently bought a Dragon 234/2 but will definitely get the RFM 234/2.

Would love to see RFM do the same for the 251 at some point.

That’s news good enough to make even a grumpy bear dance!


I assume you mean the angles on each of the axles? I believe each one was at a slightly different angle. That said, you can probably set the individual axles at the proper angle. Of course, we will see a lot of entries at contests with the incorrect angles because that is how RFM illustrates them. I am very happy to see this announcement, however. I guess I need to sell my Heavy Metal Puma engine compartment upgrade set now!


The first and last axle turns equal angles but opposite direction.
The two center axles turns equal angles, opposite direction, smaller angles than the other axles.

The relative angles can be determined by drawing a big circle, placing the Puma on the circumference, each wheel should be perpendicular to a line from the circle centre through the wheel pivot point.

An engineer working with vehicle steering will probably find faults with this simplification but it is close enough for modelling in 1/35th scale. The outside wheels are parallell to the inner but since the radius to the outside of the curve is larger (vehicle width) the wheels will rub against the ground. The wheels are probably perpendicular to a line crossing the center of the wheel axle so that both the inside and outside wheels rub a little.

The drawing has been scaled to show the minimum turning radius, the wheel angles are 9 and 7 degrees. These values may be off by 1 or 1.5 degrees but don’t overexxagerate the angles. The Puma does not turn on a dime, turning radius is14.9 meters (48.9 feet), the Ford F-150 turns in 20.4 feet, Ram 1500 turns in 23.1 feet. Turning radius for a front wheel driven Volvo V70 Wagon tu36.7 is 18.4 feet


I´ve always wondered wh the vehicle is named the Puma. No written sources I have, confirm this name. Just because Italeri named the vehicle Puma after the individual name on a photo? And modellers carriy it on to eterity? To me it´s just a 234/2.


So still zero turret interior? Boring. Nothing new here other than some hackneyed extras. This RFM kit is an improvement on the DLM in that the steering works and an engine is included - no doubt the engine packs sold by someone influenced RFM.
There is enough turret info out there to make a decent interior. The hull is also lacking ammo bins and radios. At least there is a rear firewall though. RFM have continually messed up the Tiger interior despite numerous articles so not surprised with this underwhelming effort.

Good info on the Puma-


It can’t be built in a half a day, nothing to see here, move on.

For a model like this one, it would be neat if model designers would include parts to display the interior and engine outside the vehicle. In other words, include a second hull pan (without exterior details) upon which to affix all the the interior elements and a set of blocks upon which to rest the engine. This would give the builder more display options without need to scratch building anything.

What makes this better than the older Dragon model?

Not a fan of vinyl tires, nor paying to replace them, nor weighted tires.

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It was called the puma by Roco in their MiniTank series back in the early 60s, before Italeri. So you know it has to be unequipped with true. :joy:


When Roco Minitanks released their M998 model, they called it Hummer in German and Lobster in English. Glad we don´t need to name the truck Lobster. :grin:


Nothing to get crabby about :joy:

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Hummer. Lobster. Cool. I still remember a dialogue phrase I learned in German class 40+ years ago, " Du bist wie so rot eines Krebs."

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Hard to say with objectively without seeing the two kits side by side. I’d conjecture the following will be points in Ryefield’s favor.

  1. Price the Dragon 234/2 is ~$70 and retails close to $90. I think RFM will come in under those prices in general. Paid $43 for my Dragon 234/2 but that was direct, big order on the slow boat.

2)The engine is a nice perk for the 234/2 kit

  1. Accessories for those interested.

The Dragon 234/2 seems to be overall one of the best Dragon kit’s I’ve encountered.

BTW - RFM has some cool acessories coming…not related to the 234/2

RFM 234/2 - Facebook