RFM Sherman with interior build

Hey all, officially my first post here! I’ve been working on this project on and off for the last year I’d say and starting to run out of mojo, so I figured I’d post some photos here to try and regain a bit of that. Great kit so far, biggest pain was cleaning mega mold lines off of every single tiny part. I had initially planned on super detailing with wiring, cables etc. but now just trying to get through. I’ve definitely taken some artistic license and she’s by no means exactly historically accurate. Getting to the point of laying down some paint and I am still not sure how I’d like to finish it. I like a Fury-esque look with tons of stowage and the black camo, but also would love to do a whitewash winter camo. Anyways, a few photos…thanks all!

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Hi Bryan and welcome to KitMaker Network!
You have done a super job on that interior weathering…very realistic.
Keep posting your progress and looking forward to seeing the
finished model.

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First, I really like the interior floor, it looks amazing! The Sherman is looking fantastic!

Second, welcome to the forum!

Third, I definitely want to see more pictures of the Sherman.

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Welcome to the crazy place Bryan. The Sherman looks terrific with what you’ve done and all that great detailing. Hope to see some more shots soon :+1:

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Welcome to Armorama. Very nice work on the interior. Please keep posting your progress.

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Great job! I will use it as a guide for mine! Cheers


And welcome to the modelling paradise Oscar… Enjoy your time here :+1:

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Welcome aboard @Hutch40 ! Always great to see more people on the forums. I love the interior job you’ve done on the Sherman. It’s getting bookmarked, because one day I want my interiors to look like that. Would you recommend the kit?


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Thanks for the welcome everyone! I will definitely
post more photos as they come. Here is one as she sits now, basically have everything done but I’m waiting on a Live Resin .50 cal for the turret coming from Russia which…who knows. Looks like it did just land in the US today. Hopefully starting paint next week sometime?

Dennis, yes I would definitely recommend the kit. Hands down the most complicated build I’ve undertaken, however I have a pretty serious case of OCD when it comes to models so I have made it
more complicated. As far as the kit, not sure if I got a weird batch or something but some seriously heavy mold lines on 99% of the parts which resulted in a lot of time spent cleaning each part. A LOT of time. Got pretty obnoxious towards the end. Almost like the molds were not exactly aligned. I’ve heard other folks had no issues so…who knows on that one.
Tracks were a pain for sure but not as bad as I was anticipating.
Another weird area I spent some time was the engine assembly, particularly the coolant lines (I think) that run on either side of the filter housing running to the radiator. Those didn’t want to line up right and looked like garbage so I assembled it completely different than the instructions would have you do it. Which…if I have a bunch of stowage as I am thinking I will…the engine will never be seen again.

The only other area I’d say to watch out for is mounting the front fenders to the hull. Instructions have you mount them right off the bat in like step 2 or so. I figured out later on I could not slip the upper hull under the lip of the lower hull with the fenders on. So I had to cut off the strip of bolts molded to the upper hull and attach is separately. Maybe I missed something but seems like the fenders should be installed later. Other than those hiccups, great kit. Just break out your spare patience reserves!

Thanks again all, more to come.


Really nice looking tank. I love interiors.

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Sure doesn’t look like you mojo is waning, she looks great! Model building is just as much personal satisfaction as it is accuracy.

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Nice work. I’ve got a RFM Firefly waiting in the wings. Your work gives me a bit of a rush to start it.


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Thanks for all the kind comments everyone! Sorry I have been MIA the last week. Russian Post/USPS finally delivered the Live Resin set with the .50 and a beautifully cast gun mount with the casting numbers. That was pretty much the final piece I was waiting for before paint. Threw a couple of Master Model barrels on the .50 and .30 that I had in my stash and I think it was worth the wait. So she’s finally ready to get some paint this week. I’ll post up some photos as I go when we get there. Thanks again!


Impressive workmanship! Very clean build, excellent work on the interior and exterior. Keep it coming.

~ Eddy :tophat:

I think the interior wear and tear are just about spot on. Not like a monkey got set loose in there with a ballpeen hammer. Nicely done. Really motivated to get started on mine.