RFM T-34-85 #174 - Favorite T-34 Kit :)

RFM T-34-85 #174 - Favorite T-34 Kit :slight_smile:

In short, I found the RFM kit a joy to build right on par with Tamiya’s new KV-1 kit. However, the RFM kit MG is slide molded unlike the one the the new Tamiya kit.

There are a couple of hiccups in the instructions as mentioned in this thread.
Generic discuess the in his post.

Anyone Built the Rye Field T-34/85 No. 174?

I liked the kit well enough to get a set of Fruil T-34-85 tracks for it. The Fruils ended up costing about 1.5 times what the kit cost. There are a lot of parts that aren’t used and can go to the spares box for helping spruce up an older T-34-85 kits from other manufacturers.

I was delighted the turret halves fit perfectly. The first T-34-85 I’ve built that didn’t require putty or other filler work around the weld/cast seam of the halves. When test fitted the turret snapped together with almost perfect alignment.

Likewise, even the kit photo-etch was a joy to work with. The rear engine cover screen actually snapped into place after annealing.

This build was definitely the polar opposite of my experience with a first production run 1997 era DML T-34-85 discussed in another thread.

Highly Recommend - 9.75 out of 10

Thank you for looking and please feel free to comment.

Photos with cell phone no flash.

With flash

To the shelf, project #6 for the year!

After three Soviet tanks in a row, it’s Panzer time for #7 project.


It came out really nice. And glad to hear about an easy to build kit.

Excellent job on it. Great finish too

You’re on a roll Wade keep crankin’ em out! Just don’t set the bar so high that you can’t reach it again.

Thank you all :slight_smile: I appreciate the nice comments:)

Matt, it’s a good run this year…so far! There so much inspiration on this site from other build and other modelers!

Six models finished in one year equals my best building streak in a very long time:) Work picks up soon so the next model may be my years high water mark.

yeah, thats a great build. you’d think it’s real, if you had the right scenery!

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This kit cost $20? (Fruil sets are about $30)

@Annette_Dominic Timothy,

The Friuls for $30? I want to go to the hobby shops & yard sales your visiting! LoL :laughing:. I wish they were readily available for $30.

Friuls were over $30 a set in the late 1990’s when Chesapeake Model Designs was the exclusive importer for the United States. These days it’s direct order only from Friulmodellismo unless one is lucky and finds what’s wanted on eBay or random hobby shop/site. Last set I purchased from Sprue Brothers a year or so ago was ~$42 or $44.

From Friulmodellismo direct the T-34-85 tracks cost me $47 by the time taxes shipping etc. The RFM kit was ~$33 when purchased from Sprue Brothers.

Outstanding work!

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question- what scale?

1/35 Scale :balance_scale:

ok, thanks!

I think RFM produces exclusively in 1/35 scale.

ah, looks like a company for me!