RFM T-34/85 Wheel help?

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I hope someone can help me for being stupid. Some time ago, I got the 1/35 RFM T-34/85 Model 1945 No. 174 Factory kit. I used to have the habit, for AFV models, of sometimes clipping parts off sprues and cleaning them up, in preparation for later building that kit. I would keep the parts bagged, and sometimes labeled. For this kit, it turns out that I had bagged the wheels and separate tires, but without labels. In the attached photo, you’ll see that I have 2 kinds of road wheels. The top wheel style has parts to make all 10 wheels. The bottom wheel style only has enough to make 4 complete wheels. I’ve searched, and can’t find any reference to sprues that may have held the second type of wheels, but it’s clear that these must have been included in the kit, since you’ll note that holes to align the wheel hubs are the same one both wheels. I’ve been going nuts trying to figure out where that second set of wheels came from, and where to possibly use them, since that wheel type isn’t referred to in the instructions, nor on the pages showing all the kit sprues. Can anyone help my addled brain? Thanks in advance!



Those extra spider wheels are Parts 25 & 30 on Sprue C. There are two Sprue C in all the RFM T-34 kits. Odd that they have those where they do. In their Chinese Volunteer kit, they give you 10 identical spider wheels on a separate sprue in addition to the wheels on Sprue C.


Gosh, thank you for pointing out the obvious!!! I looked at the sprue layout at the front of the instructions, and I hadn’t even noticed those wheels for what they were. I appreciate you setting my brain to rest! :slightly_smiling_face: It is kind of strange how they were included, but since they aren’t addressed in the body of the instructions, I shouldn’t have worried about it. If RFM, like some other manufacturers, had highlighted the ‘unused parts’ on the sprue layout, maybe I wouldn’t have confused myself. Thanks so much, again!

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Very Dragonisc of them. The first T-34 kit 5013, 34/122 sprue C had the spider wheels and instructions show you building them but the profiles don’t show the use.

The spider wheels are left over from the T-34/122 kit that was the first one to be released in this line. The two front wheels were spider wheels whilst the rest were solid.

The safest option is to not use them on your build, although you might find some vehicles with spider wheels as the front of each side.