RG-31 Mk.5

Im thinking of adding a RG-31 Mk.5 to my combat engineer collection and im wondering if Kinetics kit can be built into the latest incanation that is used by the US ARMY

They are not even close. I have a walk around that includes the vehicle Kinetic based their kit on, plus several of the later variants. Having said that, you could conceivably pull it off, but not without a lot of scratchbuilding.

what do i need to add to it?

Vehicle represented by Kinetic:

Newest variant:

I’ve got 247 photos of it. Anyone wanting to scratch build it would have to bring their A game.
As you can see the basic hull shape and rear hatch are the same, but you’d have to completely redo the sponsons, along with a host of other changes…

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may i see more pics of it?

I PM’ed them to you. (A pretty neat feature)