Rhodesian Unimog S404

Hi all
I am looking for information about the Unimog S404 of Rhodesia used in Mozambique during Bush War, to build a 1/35 model.
Can anyone help me?
Best regards

I was start from Revell Unimog and Tamiya 4wd cab…but i think you can found a simpler way…

Maybe this could be a starting point:

Starting point in styrene + resin in 1/35th scale

AK do another Mog which I got a few weeks back, not sure what the differences (if any) are between African and Middle east versions.

Resin wheels and also a styrene and rubber set. The casting is first rate in my example.

The differences are in the markings and 3d printed accesories, the Africa version comes with a Machine Gun; Middle East comes with a pair of snorkels.


Some period pics on Flickr



There you go then, though looking at the flickr pics Frenchy has posted there are Mogs with snorkels on there so you could use either really. Just source a gun form elsewhere as there are a wild variety of set ups on that link.



The last 3 pictures are not S404’s like the AK/ ICM kit. They are likely 416’s with the later cab.