Rib tape question WW I lozenge covering

On German WW1 aircraft , Albatros DV a specifically, would there be rib tapes along the leading edge of wings & stabilizers at the join of upper and lower fabric? 5 color lozenge is the covering .
Thanks in advance for any help .

Due to iPad malfunction I am unable to edit previous post . In viewing images of the aircraft in the NASM and Kermit Weeks’ reproduction it would seem there was rib tape all around.
Still looking for input on this - Thanks again.

Hi Richard,
I assume rib tape application was pretty uniform for lozenge, so I think yes to your question for the Albatros though this photo is of a Hannover from WnW site

I know WnW use to sell rib tape decals but I guess now it is pretty much down to Aviattic


Thanks Michael - I suspected this was the case .

Michael- adding this as my iPad will no longer let me edit or post photos.
HGW offers laser cut rip tapes . I have not tried them yet . I am almost done with this tedious job on my Albatros. If I could start anew I would certainly go the Aviattic route . Hindsight is 20/20