Rifle Sling and Rifle Placement Location That is Best

For large scale figures that don’t have the rifle in the hands, what is the best place to place the rifle?

  • Diagonal on the back, but wouldn’t that make the rifle hard to get to?
  • Diagonal in the front, but wouldn’t that make the rifle bounce around when running?
  • Over the shoulder vertical on the back, but wouldn’t that take up time to get off the shoulder?
  • On a D-ring shoulder attachment in the front and pointed down?
  • Other options?

Thanks in advance.

It’d depend on what rifle and what kind of era (WW1,WW2, Vietnam, Modern). Same with the type of sling used (M1917 leather sling, Kerr No-buckl, single-point, 2-point, 3-point)



It certainly depends on the weapon itself and its sling; but also, what the soldier is actually doing!

A couple of decades ago there was an article re figure modelling in, I think, Airfix magazine; the author proposed that in order to model a suitably posed figure one must apply the following criteria:


There may have been another; if so, I’ve forgotten, but I’ve found this quite useful over the years as a sort of check.