Road Rage - So tell me what happened

“So tell me again how this happened.”

Something for you folks to look at, and hopefully enjoy.

They’d been rushing around the corner of some long-destroyed farm house in their Stug when the accident happened.

The commander showed up a short time later, in an observation half-track, to chew them out.

I think this diorama came out looking very nice. It tells an interesting story and is staged pretty well, too.

I’ve always loved the Sd,Kfz. 250/4 variant. Seems like a cool little vehicle. So, I’ve built several

It’s an older project, so the kit manufacturers are lost to history. I imagine Dragon.

The gear on the back of the Stug is from Value Gear.

The primary figures are, of course, from Alpine.



Really like it. Different aspect to look at not being combat related. Both kits look great and the figures are really nicely painted… Great work Ralph :+1:

Great scene, very nice idea!

As it is an older kit, I would like to suggest a little patch up, the ground under their feet has sunken a bit…

I see what you mean (the ground under their feet). Thanks

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Looks really really good I like the scene and the painting is really good

Nice diorama, if you allow me I would put some rubble since the house was destroyed. Personal opinion that takes away from your beautiful work and excellent painting. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Good point. Thanks