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Rochm Model has released a huge variety of German jacks and muzzle brakes for different tanks.

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Thats very helpfull stuff !! But where to buy it ?

Hobby Easy, Hobby Search and HLJ all carry ROCHM.

I am a big collector with german jacks, and at first glance these offers look very very nice.
Their 2-bulged 5 ton jacks are in fact 3-ton jacks ( C & D ) and smallers ( 2.5ton ? ) ( E & F ).

Eric G

3-ton and 2.5-ton types are similar to this 5-ton but smaller.

Ver.F = PFAFF 5-ton

Ver.E = HADEF 5-ton

Ver.D = PFAFF 5-ton (DIN 7356)

Hi Yotsuya !
Your E and F jack are not very common ! OK they have the plate that proves the capacity.
I’m puzzled by the version D which has the typical 3-ton pattern, but has a 5ton capacity plate ! Looking at my typical 3ton jacks, I found one 3ton plate was overmarked 5ton. So maybe late in the war the germans decided the 3ton capacity can go for 5ton.

Hi Eric G,

The number on your jack is changed from “5” to “3”.