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New kit of an Opel Blitzbus Ludewig "Aero"

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Is this not just a reissue of a kit they have offered in the past? Or perhaps this is an offering in 1/35th whereas they only offered it in 1/48 before???

I love the rest of the design on this original vehicle but just cannot get past that ugly pig snout of the radiator cowl. (Personal Opinion ONLY)

What about the tail fin ?

A bit superfluous to me…


It’s a “Schweinbus” :pig2:


Love the tail fin, the open roof and the skylights above the side windows. IMHO the rest of the vehicle is a classic work of art!

This looks interesting and unique. I may have to pick this up! Just don’t know much about Roden kits.

Reading some other reviews this is an upscale of the 1/72 offering, that some of the experts are saying is a bit of a ‘pig’ :laughing: of a kit.
But I agree, it is what I would call ‘pretty ugly’ (Bit like Cameron Diaz, if you know what I mean).
So diffinatley one for the Christmas list, it’s just too odd not to have.
Plus, by next week someone will have done a full 3D printed engine and interior etc.

Pretty cool Art Deco design. I am assuming there is still an in-line piston engine under the hood, not some wild radial design. Any ideas as I can’t find much info on these buses?

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Opel was part of GM I believe- GM was really into Art Deco during that period .

And still were until 2017. They were basically GM Europe. Since then they were owned by PSA Peugeot Citroën, and since 2020 Stellantis, which is the parent company of Fiat-Chrysler

Bit more info borrowed from Missing Lynx

Here is a first hand info, with part frames also:
The text is entertaining too, typical example of Ukrainian English. Enjoy but don’t believe it much. In paricular here: “After the appearance of the Opel Blitz three ton truck the Ludewig Brothers workshop developed a few new conceptual bodies for this vehicle .” The only common thing between Blitz trucks and buses is that they were produced by Opel. The alluminium body of this particular ugly Ludewig creation known as “Schweinkopf” is married with 2,5-ton LWB low frame chassis 3,5-183.

Aero bus series


Yep, if you leave the handbrake off it will wander away rooting for acorns…


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With all those air vents I am guessing possibly an air cooled V8 as in the Steyr. I think Dietz manufactured them for Steyr.

I guess it retained the Blitz straight-six 3625 cc engine…


Yup, according to the link you posted above, it used the same 3.6L in-line six as in other 3ton Opels.

Possibly the same or near clone of Chevrolet’s
“ cast iron wonder “ straight six ?

According to Wikipedia, " This engine was very similar to Chevrolet engines from the same period, to the point that advancing Allies were able to put disabled Blitzes abandoned by fleeing Germans easily back into service using Chevrolet/GMC and Bedford parts…"