Rogue One Partisan X-Wing

Saw Gerrara was the head of the partisans in the film Rogue One and had a small squadron of X-Wings which were kept going by swapping parts etc and although you don’t see any flying there is one that is seen crashed and it is this style of X-Wing that i started many years ago have finally finished.


That looks great!

Very nice, a variant of the crashed one is on my to do list.

Great build David, love it! I really need to track down some Star Wars kits one day soon, never built one.

Cheers, D

@AussieReg well I’d grab a bandai kit while you can as it looks like they’re not going to carry on the star wars line, this means the prices are gonna start going up on the ones out there.

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Damian, Bandai is reissuing the X-Wing (with a Rey pilot figure) so prices on those will be reasonable for a while.

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