Rolling in to Warsaw

Here is a scene from Hitler’s summer tour of Poland. His army entering Warszawa (Warsaw). Actually finished a few days ago but I lost the right arm of the motorcycle rider and that looked ugly. Ordered a replacement arm and he’s back on the road now. I made the base. The brick wall, cobblestone road, sidewalk. I found the propaganda posters online, shrunk them down and printed them off. It was fun but there were moments I had wished I had taken up another hobby. Stamp collecting maybe. No parts the size of an atom with that.


Very nice work.

It’s funny you say that. There used to be someone on rec.models.scale whose tagline was:

It’s better to have entered a model in a contest and lost, than to have collected stamps.


:rofl: I like that!

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Don’t like to nitpick this fine bit of work, but balkan cross may not be accurate for Polish campaign.


Thanks … .yeah I should have looked in to that.