Roof of Porsche 911 1985 Turbo

I have a Fujimi 1:24 Porsche kit that I am startign to look at.

To my surprise the inside of the roof seems not detailed at all, while doors get a nice inside panel?

Is this common to cars in 1:24 scale?
and how do you deal with this?

This is very common, on cars, in this scale. Most kits have no detail, at all, some a bit of texture and a few add chrome trim(Mostly classic cars) and overhead light.

If there aren’t any details I usually leave it at that. Any details added, would be difficult to see.

Likewise, at most I will airbrush the interior roof from a greater distance, and with flat paint, to roughly simulate some texture. Unless you are building a larger scale, you need to turn the car upside down to even get a look at the interior roof.
I have seen some builders treat the inside roof in a similar way to doing a vinyl exterior roof, using masking tape or even adhesive medical fabric tape, to get some texture in there.

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Strange, maybe you are just being pragmatic and realistic but it somewhat hurts my modelling heart :slight_smile:

On the one hand, a fully detailed engine covered up completely, and an area that remains visible (although it does cost some effort) without any detail.

As Jesper & D have already alluded to, just about every car model I’ve ever seen has almost zero interior roof detail. Basically in real life all that’s there is a headliner with a few rows of stitching, a dome light, and front seat sun visors which are super easy to make if none are supplied.

In real life the roof liner is the same color as the floor carpet, but nearly all modelers, myself included paint it flat black as you need to turn the model over and peer in through a side window.


Hai Joel,

I need to adjust to automotiver modelling :slight_smile: but then, aircraft models ain’t perfect either as you know.

Aplogies for the many questions, but I would like to get as much info as I can get before starting to build any car.

I am playing with the idea that I would concentrate on “special paint” schemes.


As always, we’ll try to answer your questions the best we can. If by special paint schemes, you’re referring to a particular racing version of the car, then it’s just figuring out what paint colors and having the proper decals. But if you’re referring to a special one of paint scheme and or color for the street, then it could be a more difficult path till the answers are found.

The car in the picture is a Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 car. The paint scheme does indeed exist, as I’ve driven this very car in my online sim racing hobby. The car is basically as you can buy it from a dealer, and costs a mere $101,000 or so. The good news is that in GT4 there’s very little you could change or upgrade in the car, so it’s a real spec series for serious weekend warriors.


If you want a detailed roof the only model I’ve ever come across with one is the 1/8 heller traction avant which has a full vac formed roof interior (in fact its probably the most detailed kit I’ve built, and that includes pocher kits)(its certainly far more accurate and fit is superior in every way than a pocher kit)
And it can be had for less than 150 quid a pocher kit will cost at least 5 times that.

A mere $101,000. Sounds reasonable :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

With "special paint’ I mean a roadcar that is not in a singel color but has a loving owner who has some care to make it look closer to the racing cars.

Most cars today are a single color with the accents being flat Black.

Two tone paint jobs were quite common in the 1950s-1960s, and the custom car guys are still doing multi paint schemes.

I am after this kind of painting:


Problme is that this is a special version of the cayman… and there is no model of it in 1/24 as far as I can find

As I mentioned before, this is the GT4 racing version that one can buy right off of the showroom floor, ready to race in a very restrictive spec series. The paint job for race cars these days with all that way to fancy artistic look is usually one or two basic body colors and then some kind of full body wrap. Most of these type of paint jobs would be nearly impossible to duplicate in a paint shop, or if they could, would cost in time and expense way to much for the average team.

With that being said, there are AM decal makers that have all sorts of modern era race car decals to duplicate this type of paint scheme. I’d venture to say that you would paint the black and Yellow main portions, then the decals do the rest.

I’d start with Spot Models who has an expansive decal section.
As far as a special model of the Cayman, I’d have to check around for you, and see what I can come up with.


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