Roof storage on Miniart Kit

I would agree completely . The only issue is weight . Also attach the rack mounting points to the top of the vehicle side and not the roof itself

Just playing devil’s advocate here but the US Dodge Carryall also had a canvas roof insert. It also had metal around the edges and framing members that passed under the canvas and supported it.

I suggest you build some sort of rooftop wooden framework/deck and add the handrails to that.

Capt. Herman Wall 165th Signal Photo Company during training in San Antonio, TX. prior to D-Day. (My private collection ~ All Rights Reserved)

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Chris - vehicle design in this era is/was still too early for roof racks attached to “drip rails”.

I never said drip rails. Structurally the vehicle should be able to support a rack mount , just not directly on the top as was originally inquired about

Was the entire roof wood framed canvas like on the Ford '32 Woodie or did it have sheet metal around the curved edges with just a flat canvas insert on top?

I just added this kit to my stash. The way I see it is that it’s just a fun kit. Does there need to be a prototype? Maybe the barrels are full of hot air!! Sometimes I think we tend to over think these things.


To each his/her own but to me even am imaginary “paper panzer” model still has to obey the laws of gravity, proper structure and common sense.

Maquette is totally correct in posing this question.

One other thought. That is a workshop truck. I’m sure the crew would be capable of welding additional framework, inside, to support a roof rack.

I can see a rack that would carry light items but no 55 gal drums…

I just opened my kit to see if there was an answer. Can’t see one. So maybe I’ll go down the route of building a field modification that will make it work! But who doesn’t love stuff. Look at the detail in the kit. I’ll overlook the engineering of the roof.