Round-end Concrete Grain Elevator. | RailRoad Modeling

Our Northern Plains correspondent HARV again provides us with many scenes useful to model railroaders, and other model genres. Here he spotted this interesting round-end concrete grain elevator in Wyoming.

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Cool. A rather unique version. I like the added banding to get more life out of the structure. You took those some time back. Do you remember any evidence of a foundation for other portions of the elevator/facility?


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I drove by the elevator countless times over the course of my life and finally decided to stop and take some pictures of it one day with the hope that Fred would be able to use them on the railroad site. I didn’t see any remnants of any other buildings and don’t remember ever seeing any other structures there.

Glad that you like the photos.

Randy :slight_smile:


I really dig that elevator. I don’t think I’ve seen one like that before.
I routinely drive by these two huge ones in Texas that are across the street from one another, and then a third about 1/2 farther down the road. It’s hard to imagine that much wheat and corn being produced to need all three, but trains with at least 100 hoppers full of grain are constantly arriving. I never saw silos like this in Nebraska, and those cornfields were endless.


Those are the grain silos near Saginaw, TX. You can see them from I-35W. See them on my way to Ft. Worth.

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