RPG Mk15 Mod II Block 1B Phalanx CIWS | Armorama™

RPG announces a new variant of the Phalanx CIWS, the Mk15 Mod II Block 1B

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Looks like a beauty-if we could just get a 1/35 platform to mount it on!

I’ll bite as I’m confused, why is a naval weapons system on Armorama?
Surely this belongs on Model Shipwrights or is it because anything 1/35 is automatically armour no matter the subject.
1/35 space ship = armour
1/35 whale = armour
1/35 aircraft = armour, oh wait we’ve already been there yes according to the armour guys it does count as armour.

It is also land based for protection of bases and facilities.

You forgot about the sheep and the elephant …
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Kit-bash with an M1 Abrams chassis …
Sgt York for the 21st century …

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In my day it was just simply called R2D2 with a hard on. (sorry if I hit the censor limit)

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The ground-mounted system is called the C-RAM (Counter-Rocket Artillery Mortar) system.

It is usually mounted on a flat bed trailer along with generators and a control shelter. It is a self-contained unit.

There was also a prototype mounted on a HEMTT that was not fielded.

The kit shown is one of the naval variants and I do have one of the earlier Phalanx kits from RPG Models as well as their SeaRAM w additional armour and their Goalkeeper CIWS.

Could be mounted on the back of a pickup…for those road rage moments here in the USA. :grin:

Other than that, one might find it’s way to the pervial permanent stash.