RPG Model Typhoon-VDV in Splinter Camo

Looks great. Thanks.

After quite a while, some progress… weathering.

I’m not good at weathering, always reluctant to go all in and ruin the paintjob. This time, I wanted to do something new with mud, lots of mud… I never did anything similar and perhaps I went overboard.

I modified DEF Model wheels to fit the RPG kit… DEF wheels are an absolute resin perfection.

And here it is… still lots to do though.



Overboard ? That mud looks excellent !

Hi Guys. Splinter camo exists:

PS Awesome model, well done and I’ll be watchig You O_O


You’ve nailed that heavy mud look- the little fibrous bits look like churned up grass and plants etc- the consistency is just right.

I forgot to add - tinting film - the russian one, have a bit of cartoon look. Try the mixture of clear blue + clear green of Mr hobby (not tamiya) + Mr leveling thinner. Wet layer remain transparent and give good tint

PS: there are awesome uniform decals for russian minatures ( from liveresin):


That mud looks amazing! How did you do it?

Thank you for the kind words everyone.

The mud was done using Ammo MIG Mud range, mixed with some plaster and pigments.



This is what makes your mud much more realistic than what I’ve previouly seen of most models covered in mud.
Great job.


Looking great and it seems you’ve studied how mud gets thrown around the wheel wells.

And this is it:

Now the base and groundwork…



That’s about as good as it gets. Nice job on the Live-Resin figure as well. It’s unfortunate that every one of us who has one is going to have him doing exactly the same thing. I’m wondering if I can tweak it and give him a water bottle.

Thanks Rob.

Yes, the figure’s pose pretty much dictates how to use it. Also, after fixing the figure to the vehicle I noticed the figure’s pose calls for a slanted goundwork, as it leans a bit and holds the binoculars at a strange angle relative to the vehicle. Not sure if I explained this well. Anyway, the groundwork will be something like this:

Which is kind of cool, as the slanted groundwork makes the vignette a bit more dynamic.



I think it looks great. Camo job came great too! Keep up the good work!

Mario- its looking mighty fine just now and I think the figure combined with the angle of the groundwork will add to the realism you’ve already achieved with that perfect mud work.

Love the slant! :triangular_ruler:


Thanks guys! I appreciate the comments.


That looks really cool, Mario!

Great job Mario, I like it a lot.