RPG Model Typhoon-VDV in Splinter Camo

I didn’t really want to do this one, but desert splinter camo scheme was too good to miss. I was searching long and hard, but couldn’t find a single image of this kind of camouflage on Typhoon-VDV… I decided to go for it anyway.

The model is Typhoon-VDV from RPG Model. A nice kit with lots of PE, paint masks and mirror stickers, but with a very disappointing interior. Fortunately, not much of the interior is seen through the windows, so I left it as is. The only addition were Quinta seat belts.

Here is the model prior to painting. A lot of PE bits on the exterior.

I dry fitted several Live Resin figures to see which one fits best and decided to go with this one.

A lot of masking, a lot of painting. I tried postshading each color individually… not sure the effect was worth it though.

Gloss coat, couple of different washes, flat coat. Here’s how the model looks now.

I have to apply KAV tinting film to the windows and replace the tires with DEF offering.

Altogether, it was a quick build for me, I particularly enjoyed the masking. Hope to make a simple vignette with the model.



That looks great. Like the Live Resin figure pose.

I love the desert splinter camo. I just wish we could find a 1:1 photo of it though. I had no luck either. I hope it’s not just another one of Mig’s fantasy color profiles. I plan to do my Typhoon VDV in this scheme also - it’s just so cool. Great execution on the paint job Mario!

camouflage is really interesting

I’m surprised there is no weapon station. IMHO the driver is unlikely to use binoculars.
The camo is looking great. I’m eager to see the beast in its environment. :wink:


Thanks guys. I tried KAV’s tinting film… it has a really nice effect, a really subtle greenish tint. But the film is a tiny bit too large and when I put it on the windows it isn’t completely flat.

Olivier, this is the Typhoon-VDV version with no weapon station.

Why do you think the driver would not use binoculars?


Thank you Mario.
It’s quite rare to see Russian vehicles without a weapon.

From experience it is better that the commander uses binoculars so the driver can stay at the wheel ready to start if need be. But this is not a formal rule. All in all it will depend on the way you’ll build your diorama and the figure looks like it was designed for this vehicle.


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Looks great! I am a bit surprised it is only a 2-color scheme since all pics of the Tiger I have seen were either basic green overall or the 3-color varient.
At any rate, a truly excellent build! I like interior detailing as long as it is visible. The choice for the seat belts was spot on!

Looks awesome in that paint scheme!

It may be difficult to see, but this is a 3 color scheme. There is a browner tan on top of the base tan in sections.

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Did you soften up the edges on those seats in your first pic? If not they are one of the better seat mouldings I have seen. The colour is also good, which colour is it?

I think the seats are the best part of the interior… I don’t remember the color, I think it was a custom mix. Quinta seat belts are very nice, but somewhat stiff. The rest of the interior is unfortunately lacking, so I decided to leave it as is and close up the cab as much as possible.


I finished the Live Resin figure:



Wow, I had missed it! Excellent work, the seats are really amazing, look like fabric, and the figure is equally good. I love it, looking forward the next updates!

Great job on the vehicle and the fig !

Thanks guys!


Great paint job on the figure! Those modern camo really are challenging.


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I agree.

@Maki, what colors did you use, especially on ammo pouch liner and tabs? Is that the same color used on vest ribs? I really like that color contrasts.

I do all my brushpainting with Humbrol enamels. I mixed the colors and used the tones which looked good to me… no special recipe. The camo was done using the old stiff brush dipped in paint and stippling the figure… I think it worked pretty well. I painted the whole figure in just a couple of days, which is warp speed in my book. :slight_smile:

Yes, the liners and tabs are a greenish-grey tone, which works really well to add some contrast. I used references like this in the process.


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Awesome project here with outstanding results. Looking forward to see more of this.