RSO/01 complete for new diorama

Finished the RSO/01 for my new diorama. Its the Dragon kit with Friulmodel tracks.
Still more work to do on the diorama.
Thanks for looking.




A very nice model and good wearing off of the whitewash.
But were I would expect the first wear off is a round the door handles,
but it is all white there.

With kind regards Bert

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Looks excellent. Love the weathering job

Fantastic, there’s almost more weathering than kit - hopefully there’s going to be a full-on rasputitsa diorama for this one! :tumbler_glass:

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Love it, especially the bit of rubbish in the back! :+1:

Oh wow! I like the heavy weathering on this one… well done!


You did an amazing job there!

Leaves . . . I always forget about the leaves!

Looks great and the detail is spot.

Will look great on a diorama

Looks excellent.