Rubber mat in Ultrasonic cleaner question

Good day everyone,

I’m wanting to clean my airbrushes in my ultrasonic cleaner.
And I know the small parts like nozzle, aircap assembly etc. I can put in a glass jar with some cleaning solution and put it in the ultrasonic cleaner without a protecting rubber mat.
But for the body and needle, especially the body.
I need to put a rubber mat on the bottom of the ultrasonic cleaner or basket of the ultrasonic cleaner.
And I don’t have that.
I’ve already tried some crafting with a piece of cardboard and packing it in alumiun foil and tape the seams shut with some regular tape.
But that didn’t work, because water still got in it and it started floating on the water.
And that’s not supposed to happen to my knowledge.
Also tried to lay a cloth or so on the bottom of the basket.
But, my dad said that doesn’t work either because it absorbs the vibration.
Or the vibrations don’t get through.
So I’m now wanting to purchase a rubber mat or something other that is soft.
For the job, but I just don’t know what to purchase, where to purchase etc.
It would be nice if I could get it for cheap.
Because I don’t wanna spend to much on this, since I’m not going to use this for something else I suppose.
If you have some other solution that’s for free that might be in the household, that would be good to I guess.
But I really need the help.
So I don’t lose momentum with the modeling, since time is precious for me.
And I want to maximize it as best as I can.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day,


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Try placing the airbrush body in a zip top bag filled with cleaner. The rest of the ultrasonic tank can be filled with water. The bag can be suspended off a plastic rod across the top.

I agree with your dad. Keep pads, towels or cardboard out of the tank.

My ultrasonic cleaner ( a cheap Harbor Freight model) came with a plastic basket that fits the tub .
I simply lay the needle in the center of the basket.
I have never had any problems doing this.
The tiny parts I string together with fine brass wire .
Perhaps you can fashion a basket out of the plastic basket packaging found with fruit - strawberries ,etc.


Better off with string than wire. Even though brass is soft the airbrush may be aluminum. If so you might get some abrasive wear from the vibrations.

Another note… be sure that you know what material you are putting in the ultrasonic. Some alloys of aluminum can get the exposed surfaced degraded. This is called cavitation. I noticed it especially with anodized aluminum.

Glue together some sprue pieces that can sit on the bottom of the tank. Set your larger airbrush pieces on the sprue. The sprue will keep the parts off the bottom of the tank.


Thanks- parts are plated brass .

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No worries then! Good to go!

you could cut an old mousepad to fit the bottom of the tank.

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The thing is you do not want to put something inside the tank that absorbs the energy of the vibrations


OK - I am not sure I am violating several Safety/Health codes but what I do is fill a paint jar with Lacquer thinner, put all the little AB bits in there and stick the business end of the AB in. In this case my old Testors/Aztec. So far my lungs have not crapped out and the house has not blown up. Use your discretion.

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I bet it gets cleaned.