Ruins and Romantic abandoned places | RailRoad Modeling

NOCH continues to add to their range of scenery items. This new group are Ruins and Romantic abandoned places.

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Fountain made of NOCH Hard Foam with statue, 2 ‘Birch Tree’ twisted wire trees (15 cm high)

Abandoned Place ‘Ruins of a Building’

Ruins of a Building made of NOCH Hard Foam with weathered tractor,
1 “Lime Tree” twisted wire tree, 16 cm high

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Abandoned Place ‘Adit’

Adit made of NOCH Hard Foam with neglected gate and old trolley twisted wire tree “Oak”


Thank you, Fred. I really like the tractor and the mine and mine cart. Cool stuff.


Some nice things there, but when I think of ruins associated with model railroading, this is more what I picture:

Photographed near the FWWR yard in Cresson a ew weeks ago.


That stone mill building is cool. Any chance of getting more photos of it at some point?

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Most definitely. I can take more but here’s another for now:

I was mistaken. I’ve been doing a lot trainspotting lately. It’s actually in Dublin.
Here’s a Google street view: