Ruins of the Reich

This is a small diorama I put together several years ago, Ruins of the Reich. It is 1/48.

The base is a resin derelict steam locomotive by Rusty Rail, painted with Lifecolor.

The GIs and the Soldat are from MK35 Editions. The Hausfrau is “Mrs. White”, a resin figure for the game Clue, some unknown manufacturer. Except for her, all of these models were reviewed on the previous Armorama and RailRoad Modeling.

Many types and brands of paints were used to paint the figures. Enjoy!


Nice diorama. I really like the rust! It looks so incredibly realistic.


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Hi Jim, thank you. If I recall, there are six or seven layers of rust paint to get that effect. I took several photos while I was reading the review for the rust set. That was three computers ago but I’m hoping that I saved those photos. If I find them and dig them out come out post them. There are other views of the diorama as well.