Russian Barn from Custom Dioramics | Armorama

This is a large resin building of a typical barn found on the Russian countryside from 1800's to present day. It comes with instructions on how to built it and packaged in a sturdy Indestructo Mailer with label.

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Be nice if they gave the dimensions of the piece. . . (“large” doesn’t get it!)

Not up to today’s model standards, sorry

Sorry, but this looks like something from a few decades back and the “thatch” roofing isn’t very convincing; it is far too flat. I’m also left with wondering if the barn door can be opened or if that’ll require surgery using a razor saw.

I believe some of these are the original molds done 15-20 years back so yeah don’t expect that kind of detail.

These come from the original MASTERS not molds, they have been updated with more crisp details. They used to be plaster kits, they are now all produced in RESIN which give better finish to the original details. The barn door can be opened.