Russian BMD interior

Hello all
Does anyone know who makes an interior for a BMD ? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


The Skif kit has a very basic interior. I’ll scan the instructions at work tomorrow so you can make the determination if it’s worth tracking down.

It does ?? Lol I have the kit in my stash. I haven’t seen it in so long but I know I have it. That’s so funny- thanks for the heads up Sean; don’t I feel stupid!

I used the turret from the Skif kit to make a vignette a few years ago and just received a turret sprue in the mail because I want to do a wrecked BMD of the Iraqi army from the first Gulf war with a USMC M60 tank in it.

Thanks again for the help Sean

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If you find reference on the interior please let me know …it sound like it would be a fun scratch project.

Sure thing Chris

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Easy to overlook, when I say basic I mean BASIC. Just seats , rear bulkhead, turret basket, and rudimentary gun breech. The driver doesn’t even get an instrument panel !

Ok that will work as I’m making it destroyed so I’ll just have to add a few things here and there.

Sean, it might be too late but save yourself a scan and see them at Scalemates:

104337-12-instructions.pdf (

Here’s the most detailed information I’ve been able to find so far,
BMD-1 Modeler Guide Scalenews
BMD-1P Technische Daten Zeichnungen 1991 Scalenews
BMD-1 Technische Daten Zeichnungen 1973 Scalenews

The scale news site is well worth some exploration, lots of good info in there.

How about this one ?

Wow that thing was shredded! Great pic. Is it from the 2003 invasion of Iraq?
I read a combat account of a USMC M60A1 knocking one out in the first gulf war. That’s where I’m trying to go with this project. The technical data from those sites and the pics should be sufficient for me to do a reasonable job on a wrecked BMD

I’d assume it was from '03 but not sure really.