Russian ERA dimensions

Anyone have dimensions for the side ERA used on Russian tanks specifically this one

I know it comes in 3 heights so I’m looking for width and depth. I have managed to scratch built the turret boxes but I had a drawing for those, the side skirt ones are a different depth visually maybe also in width and definitely in height.

I know there are aftermarket versions but the only ones I can find come from Russia (talking 1/72 not 1/35)


I got this from AliExpress. It’s 1/35

Will this help?
Kontakt V

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Thanks but that’s the size for Kontakt 1 bricks seen on early (and recently over everything) vehicles.
I suppose I can roughly work it out from photos.

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That’s the soft bag version, I’m after the metal containers, although both seem to use the 4S24 designation I am unsure if both are the same size.

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