Russian Green in Tamiya

I’ll be picking up the trumpeter Kv-1 and Kv-2 soon. My first attempt at Russian armor. I was wondering what a good match from Tamiya paint is for the Russian green.

The current Tamiya KV-1 kit says XF-4 and XF-58 mixed 1:1.

I have used XF-65 in the past. I have also seen folks use these colors individually XF-58, XF-26, XF-67 and XF-81 mixed with XF-4.

Really depends on what 4BO Green you want.

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Not to beat an old dead horse but for anyone who finds this latter I got around to testing the 1:1 mix of Tamiya Oliver green and yellow green and it looks pretty good to me. May not be 100% accurate, I’m not too sure but I should be a nice base for weathering. Seems to be a nice lighter olive green with a hint of yellow that seems to be a decent match to Cold War era photos