Russian GRU Special Forces w RPO-A Shmel | Armorama™

This review covers a 1/16 scale resin figure from Red Anvil, depicting a modern Russian Special Forces Operative.

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Wow- top stuff @Maki! Great, detailed review and pics. Very much reminds me of Revolution Miniatures stuff! A similar approach to the flawless casting and plenty of equipment. I think what sets this one apart is the attention to detail, the different parts options, the assembly guide (how often do you see that in ANY resin figs!) and the decal patches- the lack of which can be most annoying in pricey resin kits.

Any plans for painting?

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As a wannabe figure painter I can’t agree more.

Good review and excellent piece. :+1::+1:

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Excellent figure, and review. Beautifully cast and detailed figure.

Thanks guys, I’m glad you like the review.

As for painting, I still have the previous Red Anvil figure on the bench I need to finish…

I forgot to mention, there is a dealer in Germany selling Red Anvil figures:
Valentino Modellbau



Oh yes, I remember that one now. I was mulling whether I could do a Ukrainian fig from a Revolution Miniatures kit I have but the main sticking point is the damn uniforms! Whether Russian or Ukrainian, the multi-cam or the digital or the Attaka pattern- the difficulty of doing them really puts me off!

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Great review, Mario! Looks like a winner of a kit.

Are you going to buy the 1/16 Live-Resin Russian SOFs as well?